Featured prints and sculptures from notable known and unknown artists from around the world. All items are of supreme quality and are authenticated. Some items are one-of-a-kind! We also offer prints, frames, and mats. To see more, click here.

Our company's mission is to stay current with existing artists and new artists in order to offer you their latest works and an opportunity to get first crack at limited editions. To display your art or sculpture in its best possible way, we provide matting, framing, hanging tips and suggestions.

For those of you that have little experience with the type of art and sculptures we specialize in, we provide art knowledge and art terms to help familiarize you and get you jump started. You will also find artist biographies that provide background information about the artist and their works. Lastly, take a look at our Print Gallery and Shona Sculptures section to see our current offerings. We update these two sections often.




"I am pleased to have found Norm, his work is vibrant and exciting and his approach to satisfy is enthusiastic. Most importantly, Norm understands and satisfies your needs, without compromising his artistic expression and talent. He is a pleasure to work with. Eccentric Art, you're the best when it come to artwork, my home is living proof."

- J. G. Lee, Doctor




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