Art - For numerous reasons, the most difficult word to define without starting endless argument! Many definitions have been proposed. At least art involves a degree of human involvement through manual skills or thought.

Artist Proofs (A/P) - Common practice is that 10 to 15 percent of an edition reserved for the artist. These proofs are identical to impressions in the edition in most instances.

Giclée (pronounced "gee-clay") - French for "sprayed ink." A sophisticated printmaking process, today typically produced on an ink-jet printer, capable of producing millions of colors using continuous-tone technology. Giclée are often made from photographic images of paintings in order to produce high quality, permanent reproductions of them. A giclée should be printed on either a fine fabric or archival quality white paper using biodegradable water-soluble inks. After the process of printing it, a giclée specialist should examine the painting with special materials to make any necessary corrections, and apply a final, thin, transparent coating for maximum permanence.






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